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Our knowledge, skills and open minds enable us to get results where others have failed

We have enormous experience solving chronic problems and get results where others have failed. This is probably because we look at problems from a different perspective (if we didn't we’d only see the same things that the others did!). We have a vast armoury of tools, techniques and methodologies that enable us to effectively diagnose and eliminate or control troublesome factors in your business processes.

Most of our service offerings are devoted to developing personal and corporate capability. However, we acknowledge that there are circumstances where the best course of action is just to get the results. For example, a specific problem on a unique process that, once fixed, no one will need to solve again. Another scenario would be if the time taken to develop your people to be capable of diagnosing and fixing the problem could not be justified relative to the importance of getting the result quickly. In these situations, developing specific capability is unlikely to be a wise investment of time or money.

Our highly experienced team are happy to take on ‘results only’ engagements where appropriate. ‘Just Results’ assignments are only taken on by mutual agreement. Our overall approach is:

  • Diagnostic phase - a highly focussed diagnostic analysis to determine the root cause(s) and potential solutions
  • Agreement of best way forward - solutions or solution approaches will be chosen and a project plan defined
  • Solution Project - an intense, focussed, project to deliver the results.

Please note that all of these stages involve you and your people. Change isn’t something we do to you - it’s something we help you to do. The difference with this service offering is that our focus is only on the result. Thus, developing your team to have a full understanding of how and why is not required. The important points are:

  1. that the problem gets fixed
  2. that the appropriate controls are put in place to ensure that it stays fixed! (ie. it's a sustainable change)

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