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We offer a wide range of bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ training for business improvement

We offer a wide range of bespoke and ‘off the shelf’ training, covering a wide range of business diagnostics, business improvement methodologies and tools.

Our starting point is to understand your needs. From there, together, we can agree the best courses to meet your needs. We work at all levels of our clients' organisations and deliver training that matches:

  • the needs of the organisation
  • the roles and goals of the delegates
  • the levels of understanding of the delegates

Our focus is always about results, so we aim to provide the right balance between theory and pragmatism to ensure that delegates are equipped to start ‘doing’ and apply what they have learned.

Course depth is varied to suit your requirements, we cover all levels from ‘introduction to’ and ‘Champions’ courses for executives, through to various levels of practitioner training, including ‘master-classes’ and dedicated Train the Trainer courses.

Most of our training is delivered on-site. However training can also be delivered at hotels, conference centres or any other venue depending on your needs. We can also arrange use of our approved training facilities.

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‘Live’ Training

We offer ‘live’ training where we consider that this is the best way of delivering the results. It is not appropriate for all situations, but can be an extremely effective way of imparting real understanding!

A recent example involved ‘re-training’ a large European corporation in System and Design FMEA. The delegates had previously had some training and experience, but were not using the tools correctly and therefore weren't getting the right results with them. Live training was a great solution for them, as they already had sufficient understanding to learn while doing, and were also able to overcome the ‘real life’ difficulties that can’t normally be taught in a classroom! Furthermore, they had a usable result, not just for their projects, but also examples they could refer to in the future. Note: diagnosing the fault of ‘incorrect use of FMEA’ was one of several striking conclusions derived through our product review and process review, diagnostic services.

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Our people must be equipped with the right skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to ‘do’ differently

Integrated Training & Coaching

Combined training and coaching, offers a seamless, rapid, capability development service. This service is comprised of:

  • a shorter, intensive, training programme, designed to impart basic knowledge and skills
  • followed by coaching to develop real understanding and the delegates’ ‘ability to do’ in the working environment

This is an extremely cost effective and highly value-added approach, providing rapid capability development and results!

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