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There are many different statistical tools, which provide powerful new ways of understanding your products, processes or services. Most of these are taught and coached as part of part of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma programmes. However, we also offer training, coaching, facilitation and support in the individual tools, general courses or bespoke courses to meet your needs.

We use Minitab™, JMP™ and, of course, Excel™. We can also help with other software packages - or just the stats!.

We use Minitab, JMP and Excel

There are many Statistical Tools which can be used across all environments
  • Basic Statistics
  • Introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Statistical Process Control (Run charts, Control Charts: X & R, X & s, np, p, c, u, etc)
  • Process Capability (Cp, CpL, CpU, CpK, Pp, PpL, PpU, PpK, Zst, Zlt, PPM)
  • Correlation
  • Regression - Simple Linear
  • Data Types
  • Data Collection / Sampling Techniques
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Confidence Intervals
  • Power and Sample size
  • Regression - Non-linear (quadratic, cubic)
  • Multiple Regression)
  • Gauge R&R (Attribute, Continuous, Destructive)
  • Process Capability - Non-normal (Binomial, Poisson, Weibull)
  • CUSUM (+V mask)
  • EWMA
  • Transforming Non-normal Data (Box Cox, Johnson)
  • Process Yield Calculation
  • Span
  • Stable Operations methodology
  • Introduction to Hypothesis testing
  • General tests for averages (1 sample Z test, 1 sample t-test, 2 sample t-test, paired t – test, t-test - 2 Sample, 1 proportion test, 2 proportion test)
  • Tests for spread / dispersion (F-test, Levene’s test, Bartlett’s test)
  • ANOVA (1 way, 2 way, Balanced, MANOVA, General Linear Model, General, Nested)
  • Chi Square test
  • Non-Parametric tests (1 sample Sign, 1 sample Wilcoxon, Kruskal-Wallis, Mann-Whitney, Moods Median test)
  • Normality Testing (Andersen-Darling, Ryan-Joiner, Shapiro-Wilk, Komologorov-Smirnov)
  • Introduction to DoE
  • 2 Level - Linear DoE (Full, Fractional, Plackett-Burman, Blocking, main effects plots, interaction plots, etc)
  • 3 Level - Non-linear DoE (CCD, Box Benkhen, Response Surface Methodology and contour plots)
  • Taguchi Designs
  • Minitab™ (basic, intermediate, advanced, bespoke)

We use Minitab™, JMP™ and Microsoft® Excel for most of our statistical courses, but other software, tools and techniques can also be accommodated.

We are often requested to add Data Manipulation to Statistical Tools training, as ‘getting the data in there’ is a common barrier faced by many people wanting to unleash the power of statistical tools.

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Why we get results

  • We have enormous experience writing, training, coaching, facilitating and getting results with statistical tools
  • We’re practical and pragmatic - our focus is always on getting results (we're practitioners - not just trainers!)
  • We tailor our services and approach to meet your needs

Capability Development

The level of capability development is an important factor in Strategic and 'Total Immersion' deployments

Stages of Capability Development: Training; doing supported by coaching; Community infra-structure development

Stages of Capability Development: Training; doing supported by coaching; Community infra-structure development
  • Training provides knowledge, but real understanding is only developed by doing
  • We offer a range of coaching services, to guide capability development and ensure that results are achieved
  • Beyond having people that can do, you'll need your own, sustainable, support structure to ensure the continued growth and success of your capability - we'll help you create, or develop, your infra-structure to achieve this

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